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Magic: The Gathering — Trivia
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On Urza's Hot Tub's art, we can see Urza's head, the creature that's missing on AWOL, Glissa Sunseeker and Jeska, Warrior Adept.
Artist credit Claymore J. Flapdoodle is actually Phil Foglio.

Source : The Duelist #30 (October 1998)
The model of Mine, Mine, Mine! is Daniel Gelon.

Source : The Duelist #30 (October 1998)
Goblin Bowling Team is apparently sponsored by Pashalik Mons.
The statue on Remodel's art is a Masticore.
The creature on Name Dropping's art is Verdeloth the Ancient.
The creature on Staying Power's art is a Wild Mongrel.
Erase (Not the Urza's Legacy One) is a parody of Erase, the art being erased is that of Lightning Rift.
Circle of Protection: Art is a parody of the Circles of Protection.
Blast from the Past is a reference to older Magic cards, with old mechanics, frame, and font, and Douglas Shuler as the artist.
AWOL is a parody of Exile.
Avatar of Me is a parody of Avatar creatures Avatar of Fury, Avatar of Hope, Avatar of Might, Avatar of Will and Avatar of Woe. It is also a reference to Personal Incarnation.
Artful Looter is a parody of Merfolk Looter. The stolen painting on the art is Merfolk Looter (7th Edition).
840 stories found
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